Blue Honey Farms

 The mid-April freeze this spring did some damage to the strawberry crop, but we will still have the delicious berries for you now at the Franklin Farmers Market. The market is open every Saturday 8 am to 1 pm behind The Factory, located at the corner of Franklin Road and Liberty Pike.

Our fresh berries are great to eat by themselves, but they also can be a delicious ingredient in many recipes. Here at Blue Honey Farms, we use our tasty berries to create some scrumptious sweets. How about some yummy Blueberry Syrup for pancakes?  Or maybe put a little zing into a bagel by spreading our Blueberry Jalapeño jam over it? Once you've tried our blueberry sweets, your taste buds will never be the same! You'll find our blueberry treats on Saturdays at the Franklin Farmers Market. 

We take great pride in our berries and everything else that comes from our farm. We believe in growing and producing high-quality goods for you and your family to enjoy. Below is a listing of what Blue Honey Farms has for you:

We take no shortcuts with our handmade baskets. We have our standard basket designs, but custom order baskets for special occasions can also be made, with different designs, colors, and sizes. Every basket is handcrafted and created with pride.Contact usfor more info or to order our baskets. We also sell our baskets in the Blue Honey Farms booth at the Franklin Farmers Market. 

Sweet and juicy,Blue Honey Blueberries can make your taste buds very happy. And this year, it looks like we will have a bumper crop of the delicious berries. Eat them fresh, add them to recipes or store them in the freezer to enjoy throughout the winter. Blueberry season typically begins in late June or early July. You can get our delicious blueberries and the yummy baked goods we have at the Franklin Farmers Market. The market is open every Saturday at the corner of Liberty Pike and Franklin Road, behind The Factory retail/office complex in Franklin. 

Our new Blueberry Cookbook is available now! It's filled with delicious recipes such as Blueberry Chocolate Smoothie and Blueberry Strudel. Your taste buds will be happy with every recipe in our book! Pick up a copy at the Blue Honey Farms booth on Saturdays at the Franklin Farmers Market or contact us to order one! 

Fresh TennesseeBlueberries & Strawberries

Vanilla extract is the one ingredient you'll find in almost every baked goods recipe because it adds great flavor to cookies, cakes and more. But our Blue Honey Farms Vanilla Extract takes that flavor up a notch or two. It's infused with the blueberries we grow, giving it a delicious taste that will turn your baked goods into the envy of the neighborhood. Get our Blueberry Infused Vanilla Extract at the Franklin Farmers Market.