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How To Enjoy Blue Honey Blueberries Year-Round

While the season may be shorter than you like for locally-grown berries, you can still enjoy them all year long. Just buy extra berries and store them in your freezer. You can enjoy the blueberries in recipes all year long. Use berries that are unwashed and completely dry. Discard any berries that look bruised or shriveled. Spread the berries onto a baking sheet lined with wax paper. Put them in the freezer for approximately 30 minutes. The berries will freeze individually. Place the frozen berries into a plastic freezer bag or freezer container. When you are ready to add the berries to your favorite recipes, you can measure out the portion you need and put the remaining berries back into the freezer. Just remember to rinse off the berries before adding them to your recipes. 

Blueberries Are Nutritious:

  • Only 80 fat-free calories per cup, blueberries are a good source of dietary fiber and vitamin C.
  • Blueberries rank high in antioxidants that help protect against cancer, heart disease and other age-related diseases.
  • Researchers have found compounds in blueberries that help prevent urinary tract infections.
  • Just one-half cup of blueberries helps meet the recommended 5 to 9 servings a day of colorful fruits and veggies. 

Picking Out The Best Berries:

Fresh blueberries grown at Blue Honey Farms are usually in season by the end of June through the second week of August. Depending on the weather, the season can last a week or two longer or shorter. When buying our berries, look for firm, plump dry berries with smooth skins. Size doesn't matter, but the color of the berries does. Reddish berries are not ripe.  As you would with any kind of fruit, avoid signs of mold and soft or shriveled fruit.

How To Store Blueberries:

Refrigerate fresh blueberries as soon as you get them home in a covered bowl or storage container. Do not wash the berries until you are ready to eat them or use in a recipe. Unless you are freezing your blueberries, use them within 10 days of buying them. ​

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Blueberry Tips and Tricks

Eat Those Berries!

Yes, they are good to just eat straight from the blueberry bush. But blueberries can be used in many recipes. Here's a few of our suggestions. And for more ideas, take a look at our recipe page!

  • Add blueberries to your favorite muffin recipe - about 1 cup of berries for each batch of 12 muffins. Gently stir in the blueberries after the other ingredients are mixed.
  • Make a breakfast parfait by layering blueberries with flavored yogurt and granola in a tall glass.
  • Sprinkle blueberries and chopped walnuts over dressed mixed greens.
  • Serve blueberries with sour cream or yogurt. Or enjoy the berries with a scoop of cottage cheese.